Running an Ultra Marathon

Any race that is further then 26.2 miles, the distance of a marathon, is considered an ultra marathon. There are some ultra marathons that go beyond the 100 mile mark. But the majority of them seem to hover in the 50 mile range.

You won´t find may books dealing with the ultra marathon, though there are a couple of good ones. And only a few sites attempt to suggest training routines for these races. The majority of these routines focus on time running rather then distance run.

I can´t make any recommendations for a good training routine because I have yet to run in an ultra marathon, and don´t personally know anyone who has run in one. And I´m not going to make suggestions without experiencing the distance for myself. (Maybe in a few years when my youngest son is a little older and I have more free time to devote to running.)

If any readers of this site are experienced ultra marathon runners and would like to share their suggestions and experiences, let us know.

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