Running a Marathon

The marathon is by far the most popular race distance. In addition to being the most popular race distance, it´s the most popular running topic for books, websites, etc.

There really is no 1 magic routine for everybody to follow to get the best results in your marathon. It really depends on how hard you train, how long you train, that you remain injury free during your training, and your born ability for long distance running.

There are so many variations of training routines that we´ve tried and have heard from other runners that we´re not even going to attempt to publish a routine. Read as much as you can and talk to as many experienced marathon runners as possible to make your own conclusions.

Following are a couple of suggestions to make the marathon your favorite race:

  • Read several books on marathons.
  • Find a routine that most closely fits your goals, then adjust it to fit your schedule.
  • Do your long runs.
  • Join a club so you´ll have people to talk about the marathon with and to have others to join you on you´re long runs. Click here to find a running club near you.

Let us know if you find, or invent, a great routine. In the future, we´re thinking of publishing several of the best routines so our readers can use them as suggestions for creating their own.

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